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Senior Services

Main St. Counseling is proud to serve our community’s seniors and we offer specialized services focused on what matters most to you now at this stage in your life. Life has no doubt given you a wealth of knowledge and experience, but as you reach this new chapter in your life, there may be challenges that you are struggling with. It is never too late to start therapy and you are never too old to work on yourself. These years should be a time of calmness and joy and it’s important to maintain the high quality of life that you deserve.

As you know, seniors and older adults face unique challenges. Struggling with health problems can be frustrating and as family members move away, you may be struggling with feelings of isolation or loneliness. Adapting to retirement can also lead to inactivity during the day. Our patient and respectful therapists can help you learn to cope with these issues, along with the grief of losing loved ones and friends. Whether you’re of the Baby Boomer generation and are just now adjusting to life as a senior or a member of our country’s Greatest Generation, we can help you deal with age-related anxiety and depression so that you can enjoy happiness and good health at this stage in your life.

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