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School-Based Counseling 

Our long-standing School-Based Counseling Program provides on-site mentoring to at-risk youth in schools throughout Essex County. Our flagship service, this program pairs children and teenagers with dedicated counselors that help them develop the social skills they need to achieve long-term success in life. Social and Emotional Learning, or SEL, is the focal point of our work. We emphasize Decision Making, Self-Management, Relationship-Building, Social Awareness, and Self-Awareness. These key social skills help children make better decisions and choices, resulting in better outcomes.

With over a dozen partnerships throughout Newark and the Oranges, we serve over 250 children each week through this program. We have an incredibly strong track record with countless principals and teachers that can speak to our success. After our program, students improve their attendance, discipline, and academic motivation, while also making important strides in their personal lives. Our counselors develop strong bonds with their students, becoming trusted mentors and role models for them, and we have experience serving all grades, from Pre-K through High School Seniors.

Even more, we also provide parent and teacher workshops through this program. We believe that by engaging each stakeholder in a child’s life, we can achieve the best outcomes. These workshops have been a tremendous success, providing additional training for teachers and offering support for parents.

Our social workers will travel every day to be in your school during the academic year and our team will become an important resource for your students. If you’re a principal or teacher who’s interested in bringing our program to your school, call us today. If you’re a parent with a child in one of our partnering schools and you’re interested in signing up your child for our program, contact your school’s Guidance Department to ask for a referral.

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